About us

More than just a beverage business

It is sweeping the world with a new fashion science
Together, you and The ONE creates the trend, let the dream brand last forever.

From a single tea shop to an international chain brand, “Bubble Tea” is not just a spark of joy in everyone’s hand, it has become a business manifestation that affects the world, more than 20,000 strongholds are flourishing all over Taiwan, and it has already extended to the global market, creating a new wave in China, Japan, America, Europe and other countries.
Beverage Branding Service
The ONE will stay with you from start and accelerate through all thick and thin.

It is the quality that counts, not quantity. Regardless of resources, we will stay with you to create unique brand characteristics, precise brand positioning, and build exclusive brand value.
We could assist you with your project, starting from operational basics, such as staff training, R&D, marketing, visual design, hardware integration and planning, etc, and all these are readily available. The ONE will go the extra miles to keep you away from a commodity market and build your own outstanding brand to compete with value proposition. We are expert in:

Brand Positioning

● 品牌定位 Brand Positioning
● 視覺識別系統(Visual Identity System, VIS)
● 市場考察巡禮 Market Investigation

Interior Decoration

● 空間識別(Space Identity,SI)
● 空間配置 Space Allocation
● 動線規劃 Circulation Flow Arrangement
● 風格規劃 Style Planning

Materials R&D

● 口味研發 New Flavors / Taste Development
● 新品客製化服務 New Products Customization
● 品管標準檢驗 QC Inspection

Training Program

● 菜單規劃 Menu Setting
● 調製傳授 Beverage Preparation
● 原料解說 Raw Material Knowledge
● 店務實習 Bar Skill Practicing